Our Art & Enjoment Team

Art & Enjoyment

Why not combine two delights?

In a relaxed atmosphere?

That is the concept of "Art & Enjoyment", a program of art tours and opera visits with a culinary introduction or a culinary conclusion.

The program, which has existed since 2008, was expanded two years ago by the evening after-work format "Art & Champagne Pearls".

After a relaxed breakfast buffet, for example, you can discover the treasures of the Munich museums on Sunday with a private tour. The varied program ranges from ancient to contemporary art, from medieval handicrafts to modern design, from ancient Egypt to Greek and Roman antiquity, from guided tours of the residence to summer city walks.

The guides - art historians, archaeologists or Egyptologists - present a specific topic in an inspiring, informative and understandable way for everyone - regardless of whether they are new to art or connoisseurs of art.

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