- The Victorian House Brown's Tea Bar -

- Scones/Cakes -

We offer you the following varieties fresh from our Victorian House Bakery every day:

Plain scone


You are also welcome to receive the following varieties from us by pre-order:

Raisin Scone

Walnut scone

Chocolate chips scone

Price per piece € 1.60


as well as a large selection of homemade cakes!

Apple Pie / Apricot & Almond / Lemon, Tarte / Chocolate, Tarte / Missisippie Mud Pie / London Cheese, Cake / Rhubarb Mascarpone, Tarte / Carrot, Cake / Brownie / Courquette, Walnut Pie / Coffee, Walnut Pie / English Fruit, Cake / Pistachio Cake

Made fresh every day
no artificial flavors
Processing of the best rust materials
Purchasing from regional producers
Only classic / traditional handicraft